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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Top 10 Data Mining Algorithms - IEEE Knowledge and Information Systems 2008

Top 10 data mining algorithms - Knowledge and Information Systems (2008)

This not only provides the experience and thought processes of 145 data mining experts who voted on these, but also a great review paper for those who are in the field of data mining. Kudos to the organizer of this specific panel and team worked on this. A great contribution to the science.

Though it looks like, it is heavily influenced by the current trends in the field, I tend to think the ease of use, interpretation, and amenability for automated scoring will keep this selection of 10 for many many years to come. For example, even in new trends in web data, big data, un-structured data, the top algorithms will continue to dominate in terms of its applications, interpretations and quick usability of these algorithms.

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